What is Skill Gen?

skill gen logo.png

A multi-generational skill sharing platform where experienced,  skilled, and wise seniors can impart their knowledge on younger Canadians looking for new information. It  will be a mobile or web based application that will serve as a meeting point between vetted parties in search  of a new experience.

Why is Skill Gen Important? 

Canada is getting older and lonelier

Younger Canadians want (and might need) to build their skills

How will Skill Gen work?

Step two: Browse profiles and select

Step one: Create a profile

Step three: Learn

So, where can I download it?

For now, Skill Gen has not yet been fully realized. But...


Knot Lab and Movember are currently co-developing the platform. The collaboration was made possible through the Movember Social Connections Challenge (read more about that here). The project has a two year timeline, but we plan on having a working version for you to test well before that. While we work to bring Skill Gen to life, we invite you to follow along: