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This project focuses heavily on privatization. Completed in Barcelona, under the guidance of architects with a different philosophy on the role a building should have in terms of its interface with the public realm, this project serves as an anomaly within the lineage of my typical research focus. The project is a ‘patio house’ that is one part of a larger block of tourism-focused development around a central tea field. The concept was to create an experience based community of buildings that would foster a similar type of environment to those found in popular wine country economies in California or Niagara Falls for example. The site features a three bedroom house with a focus on maximizing outdoor private space, as well as a restaurant which is physically segregated from the residential component. The separation between on-site programs as well as the street were the main driving factors to the design. 

Massing Diagrams
Plans + Elevations
Sections + Visualizations
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